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Question: How do I place an order?


Rather than a phone call, I prefer an email so I can keep track of all orders and inquiries.  I deliver and set up wedding cakes on Friday and Saturday of nearly every weekend & I host wedding cake tastings on most Sundays, so please allow me until the following Monday or Tuesday to get back to you (possibly longer during peak wedding seasons!). It is also unnecessary to send multiple follow-up emails, as it just takes me longer to go through them all.

Question: How much do you charge for delivery? 


Delivery and setup to the KC Metro Area is available for $75. Anything beyond a 35 mile radius of my shop is and additional $2 per mile extra.

Question: When do you need a deposit and a final payment for custom orders? 


I require a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure your date. Final payment for wedding cakes is due 2 weeks before your event when you have a firm RSVP count. Your remaining balance might flex based on your final headcount, but if you reduce your order beyond that original 50% deposit, unfortunately that portion of your deposit is not refundable. Final payment for all other custom orders is due upon pickup. 

Question: Do you provide the cake flowers? 


No, I do not. I am just a baker. I am not a florist. I have an incredible amount of respect for wedding florists and I would never claim to be one, so I do not provide flowers for your wedding cake. I am usually one of the last vendors to arrive (since I don't want your cake/cupcakes sitting out all day) so I rarely overlap with your florist. I am happy to add flowers to your cake upon arrival (that includes adding silk flowers to your cake if you are doing your own) but I do not provide them. Your florist can match your cake blooms to your centerpieces and your bouquet, so for continuity sake, ALL of your flowers should come from your florist. 

Question: Do you rent cake stands?


Yes, I rent cake stands for a flat rate of $30.  I have a vast collection on display in my shop that you are welcome to peruse at any time. I deliver them with your wedding cake but I do not return the next day to retrieve them, so I always recommend you delegate that responsibility to a guest or family member who lives nearby. Cake stands must be returned to the shop (undamaged) the following week or replaced for the retail value of the cake stand.  

Question: I do not want to pay for delivery, so can I pick up my cake instead? 


Yes, but I do not recommend pickup of cakes over 2 tiers. Cakes are very fragile and damages can/will happen if not handled properly (or corners are not taken VERY SLOWLY!) Once a cake is delivered or picked up from the shop, it becomes the property and responsibility of the customer. When a cake is picked up, it is considered "accepted" meaning that you, the client (or your designated party) has looked at the item and are satisfied with it. I am not responsible for any damage occurring to the cake during transport, set-up or any time after it leaves my shop. A few things to keep in mind when picking up a cake: 1. allow for extra time to slow down and speed up in traffic. 2. do not bring your dog with you in the car when picking up a cake (you would be shocked at how many times I've seen it!). 3. clear a space on a flat surface of your car (not in the back seat - it's not flat!) so the cake can ride flat without gradually tipping during transport (the passenger side floor is always best, but don't put anything on the seat that could fall on your cake, like a purse!) 4. keep the A/C blasting, take corners SLOWLY and speed up/slow down SLOWLY!!!


Question: Can I order a small cake from you and then sheet cakes or cupcakes from somewhere else? 


I fully understand if my prices do not fit your budget, or if I do not provide something that you are wanting to serve (like donuts or cake pops or cookies). However, if you plan to display desserts from another (competing) bakery next to mine, I do consider it a professional courtesy to disclose that information ahead of time so I may accurately label and distinguish which items are mine.  As a licensed baker, I pass regular health inspections to ensure the safety and freshness of my cakes/cupcakes. It is a huge liability for me if someone gets sick from eating a cupcake or slice of sheet cake that I did not make. I would love to work within your budget to find a solution and I appreciate your understanding as to why this is a conflict for me. 

Question: Can you please remove the almond flavor from your white almond wedding cake?  Buttercream?

If you do not LOVE the taste of almond extract, then I am probably not the baker for you!  White almond wedding cake is my most popular flavor and I prefer not to make changes to my recipes - as that is no longer an accurate representation of my flavors or my work. 

Question: Can you make my cake look exactly like this picture from the internet?

Every event is unique and every cake is custom, so I do not make any guarantees that your cake will look exactly like a photo (because the internet isn't real). I will take inspiration from cakes you've seen that you like, but I won't copy anything exactly, even if it is my own work. I will include all of the aspects that are important to you and I will create something completely custom. 

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